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What a wonderful welcome from the congregation of Heacham Methodist Chapel!

I had been invited to attend the morning service to receive a cheque on behalf of Heacham Radio.  The generosity of those who attended the coffee morning is to be applauded and untold thanks to each and every one of those people who contributed.

Heacham Radio is blossoming and with the help of people like ‘DJ’  Rev Oliver, there are getting more and more listeners which is a real bonus; particularly for those people who are for whatever reason unable to leave their homes.  Rev Oliver is able to reach those people both locally and further afield through his ‘online’ sessions.

Who would have thought back in the times when Jesus walked the Earth that His word could be transmitted by such means as today’s technology affords us?

At this juncture I must quote the words of an old friend…………….If it is God’s will.   A simple statement yet when you think about it, God is probably more up-to-date with the World than we are!   Bit of a chicken and egg scenario but…………Who put the notion of electronics and communication into the Inventors heads to enable so many wondrous things to be spread throughout the World at the push of a button??


The atmosphere during the service was so friendly and warm and was a pleasure and privilege to have been a part of it and to share with the congregation some of my own memories back in time when the Chapel was first built in the early 70’s.

Rev Oliver told us about the casting of the nets whilst Peter was fishing.    More than food for the stomach; food for thought…………..Don’t get bogged down with old ways and discard other peoples’ suggestions.   Take advice and try different ideas and you never know what may come if it!   Sound advice I’d say.


Sadly I was not able to socialise after the service but I am sure the opportunity will be before me again in the not too distant future.  One HUGE difference; I will not need an invitation!


Would like to thank everyone involved for their support, generosity and kindness.


With thanks and appreciation

Janice Campbell

Heacham Radio Manager.

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